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Map not working on Detail page

We are using pawtuket2 and theme (default). Map is not showing on detail page. What are the setting i need to do?
Please advice me.

# --- map
            if($this->request->config->get('ca_objects_map_attribute') && $t_object->get($this->request->config->get('ca_objects_map_attribute'))){
                $o_map = new GeographicMap(285, 200, 'map');
                $o_map->mapFrom($t_object, $this->request->config->get('ca_objects_map_attribute'));
                print "<div class='unit'>".$o_map->render('HTML')."</div>";


  • To have a map appear on detail pages, you must configure the georeference metadata
    element in your theme's detail.conf file.  Here is an example
    configuration (line 22):; where "map_attribute" is set to the <tablename>.<elementcode> of the metadata element that has the coordinates.

    You can also enter your google map key in the variable __CA_GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY__ in setup.php
  • Hi
    maybe I tell you nothing new: but did you set a place on the map in providence in coverage bundle. After that it showed up with default theme here.
  • Hi Maria,

    Thank you for your response.
    I have done the setup changes in detail.conf file and setup.php but still not able to show map on detail page.

    I am using pawtucket2.While digging deep in detail controller file i find out that value of $vn_mapped_count is 0. It has to be greater than 0 for map to show.

    $this->view->setVar("map", "");
                if(is_array($va_map_attributes) && sizeof($va_map_attributes)) {
                    $o_map = new GeographicMap((($vn_width = caGetOption('map_width', $va_options, false)) ? $vn_width : 285), (($vn_height = caGetOption('map_height', $va_options, false)) ? $vn_height : 200), 'map');
                    $vn_mapped_count = 0;   
                    foreach($va_map_attributes as $vs_map_attribute) {
                        if ($t_subject->get($vs_map_attribute)){
                            $va_ret = $o_map->mapFrom($t_subject, $vs_map_attribute, array('contentTemplate' => caGetOption('mapContentTemplate', $va_options, false)));
                            $vn_mapped_count += $va_ret['items'];
                    if ($vn_mapped_count > 0) {
                        $this->view->setVar("map", $o_map->render('HTML', array('zoomLevel' => caGetOption('zoom_level', $va_options, 12))));

    Please help.
  • That means the map attribute you configured is either wrong or not set on the record.  If you're mapping from a related place (or any related record), make sure the access is available to the public.
  • Hi Maria,

    Please see the all steps which I have used to show map.

    1. After installing collective access, Login like (http://localhost:8082/providence/).
    2. Add new object
    3. add new media image in object
    4. add location like " [41.87811359999997,-87.6297982]"
    5. filled necessary details while creating object
    5. Run front-end like "http://localhost:8082/providence/pawtucket2/index.php/Detail/objects/1574"

    Please see the steps what can be missing in setting/configuration by which map is not showing on details page of pawtuket2.
    Here are the details which I have configured map attribute in details conf file.
    detailTypes = {
        objects = {
            displayName = _(Objects),
            table = ca_objects,
            restrictToTypes = [],
            options = {
                nextLink = <i class='fa fa-angle-right'></i><div class='small'>Next</div>,
                previousLink = <i class='fa fa-angle-left'></i><div class='small'>Prev</div>,
                resultsLink = <i class='fa fa-angle-double-left'></i><div class='small'>Back</div>,
                enableComments = 1,
                enableShare = 1,
                enablePDF = 1,
                representationViewerPrimaryOnly = 0,
                representationViewerDontShowPlaceholder = 0,
                #representationViewerCaptionTemplate = <div class='small'>^</div>,
                map_attribute = ca_objects.georeference,
                map_width = 100%,
                map_height = 200,            
                # -- what appears in map balloon
                #mapContentTemplate = ^ca_objects.georeference,
                # Customize export download file names; can be set to a display template or static text
                #pdfExportTitle = ^,
                # annotations
                # display annotations? Valid values are: viewer (in viewer), div (in external div with class #detailAnnotations), none (no display) [Default is none]
                displayAnnotations = div,
                # template used to format annotation in list; evaluated relative to the annotation
                displayAnnotationTemplate = ^ (^ca_representation_annotations.duration%asTimecode=hms)
            # --- aliases to this detail page - these map to browses that return this type of detail, only need to be defined if the key of this array differs from the browses that find this record type
            #aliases = []

    Please help...

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