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Display templates: separator for multiple values?

I've successfully configured some display templates. Yay! :)

How can I configure which separator to use for displaying field-values that appear more than once?
The default seems to be an arrow (➔).
Didn't find this in the "Display Templates" documentation.

For example, this output:

John Smith (Cast➔Director➔Novel)
(has agent)

Is produced by this template code:

<ifdef code="ca_objects_x_entities.cws_Activity">

Thank you very much in advance :)


  • I think I've found it! :smiley:

    In Display > Display List > Related entities > Delimiter/Hierachical Delimiter

  • edited August 2018

    That's right. And in the profile it's <setting name="delimiter">; </setting>

  • Thanks Julia :)

    btw: I'm still checking, but it looks like "ifdef" doesn't work to skip empty values when applying to sub-elements in a container...
    So I currently have "standalone-delimiters" displayed in that case :(

  • If you paste the display template we can help you with this.

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