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Providence - [BLANK] in Inspector

Hi All!

I made custom Screens for Entities and Objects, where i use custom metadata field for naming.
The problem is when i save the record, it shows [BLANK] in the Inspector. Also wanted to attach the object to another (with a related object field), but the system can't find the record, just if i type in [BLANK].
Is there any way to use some of these custom metadata fields to give display name to the records?



  • I have had this happen myself. What ended up being my issue was I had accidently included the wrong metadata element on the screen/interface. In our installation there are a few elements with nearly identical names and I had dragged the wrong one over. The one I dragged had what I thought was the name I wanted but the one I needed ended up being a slightly different name further down the list. This may not be your issue but I'd double check that.

  • Hi all,

    The inspector uses the preferred_labels metadata element to display information throughout the system, so if you are using another element, it will automatically set the preferred_labels value to [Blank].

    One way to solve this is to use the preferred_labels element to give your records a label to be used internally within the system only, and a second field to observe the custom behavior that you want.

    Alternatively, you can set the relationships lookup settings in app.conf to use your custom title instead of preferred_labels. You'll also need to customize the inspector, which is detailed in this post:

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