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Enabling Finding Aid plugin (pawtucket 2)

edited January 8 in Pawtucket

I'm hoping to enable the Finding Aid plugin for our Pawtucket installation (we are running Pawtucket 2), but am not quite sure how to use and customize it. I've enabled the plugin in /app/plugins/FindingAid/conf/FindingAid.conf by setting the 'enabled' field to '1', but have not seen the collection hierarchy displays on our Collection detail pages (as an example, Does anything else need to be enabled for the Finding Aids to function? Or am I perhaps looking in the wrong place?

I've copied our FindingAid.conf file below in case it is useful (I've added some quotation marks to a few lines to help with display on this forum). Thanks for any help!

'# Finding Aid Configuration values

'# Set to a non-zero value to enable Finding Aids
enabled = 1

'# To restrict your Finding Aid to particular Collection types, list the types below, separated by commas
restrict_to_types =

'# If set to a non-zero value, your collection hierarchy will be displayed by default
open_by_default = 1

'# Name of your Finding Aid
page_title = Collections

'# Introductory text, displayed at the top of your Finding Aid
intro_text = 'Sample finding aid text'

'# Display Template for your hierarchy levels
display_template =

^ (^ca_collections.idno)



  • In Pawtucket 2 you no longer need to use the finding aid plugin. There is a Collections controller and views that has replaced the functionality of the plugin. You can see the default implementation at You will need to set configuration options in your theme's conf/collections.conf file. You can copy this file from the default theme to see what options are available. To enable the hierarchy browser in collection detail pages, set do_not_display_collection_browser = 0. The browser will only show up if the collection record has child records and they are accessible to the public.

  • Hi maria, thanks so much for this! That's good to know; we'll customize the views. Thanks again!

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