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CA forum: Exception "You need the Garden.Community.Manage permission..."

Today, the following exception error message pops up while writing a discussion text in the forum:

{ "Code": 403, "Exception": "You need the Garden.Community.Manage permission to do that.", "Class": "Gdn_UserException" }

Either appears by itself (every few seconds), or when clicking either on "Preview" or "Post Discussion" :confused:
The message cannot be posted after this error appears.

But: If I create a new discussion (same user, same place, same permissions): It works.


  • This is happening to me too. I can't post any new discussions at all

  • I am having the same problem works, if follow peter_b solution

  • This problem seems to have gone away,

  • the problem has reappeared - very annoying

  • Same here.

  • No idea... we're going to see about updating the forum software in the next few days.

  • Ran into this error again today: Appeared (as usual) after about a minute that I started writing a post comment :confused:

  • Same issue for me too.

  • I also have this issue (8th Aug 2019)

  • Sorry, I realised the problem was LastPass in my browser - disable and it works fine!

  • edited September 17

    I still get this message like 99% while writing a message. Appears after like 30 seconds or so.

    I've now found out that if I copy/paste my message then go to "My Drafts", there's an incomplete draft stored - right in the state of the 1st time the message appeared. If I use this draft, paste my message and submit it it works.

    Long story short: What is this issue and why is it still present after 2 years?
    I'm using Firefox (and a NoScript extension, but it's configured to allow

  • No idea. I've never seen the problem myself. It's probably time to switch to new forum software. Anyone have recommendations?

  • isn’t everybody using these days?

  • That's what I was thinking of using.

  • I just got that (in Chrome for Linux), but opening another tab fixed the issue for me.

  • Good idea to switch to a better forum software. But please keep the content of this old forum accessible - it is an irreplaceable source for information research on CA ...

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