A profile for a collection related to money

I am preparing an installation profile for a collection which would comprise tokens, coins, paper money, archival records, manuscripts, prints, drawings and mechanical devices. Can you suggest any of the  existing profiles? I was tempted for a moment to try the LIDO profile by LIBIS but it seems rather sketchy at the moment. Theoretically it would be great to have all the data in LIDO from the start, but then every project using LIDO usually has to make their own LIDO flavour anyway, so maybe it's not such a great idea as it seems. So I guess any profile tested in production covering similar field would be useful.



  • Hi Piotr,

    If you want to move away from LIDO then ISAD(G) may make sense.  Here's the profile: https://github.com/collectiveaccess/providence/blob/master/install/profiles/xml/isad_g.xml

  • Hello Julia,

    Many thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at it.

  • I tried to install isad_g profile but did not succeed. Two errors were reported:
    • Invalid table specified for restriction r7 in element description
    • Invalid type ca_object_events for UI code standard_object_event_ui

    I am using Apache 2.4 but that should not be a problem I think.

  • Where did you get the profile? The one that Julia linked shouldn't have that reference anymore.
  • Sorry, my fault. Copied an old file lying around in my system.
  • Of, course. The right one installed without a problem.
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    Hi all!

    Piotr Kopszak, do you think LIDO still looks rather sketchy? Why?

    What do you mean by "every project using LIDO usually has to make their own LIDO flavor anyway"?

    For museums starting from scratch (just some Excel spreadsheets for example) is there any reason not to use LIDO? Why? If not, what else?

    Does anyone know any remarkable museum using LIDO to describe their collection? I'm not sure if in this cases they describe with LIDO or just expose records after mapping.

    Being CA used so much by museums I wonder why there isn't a LIDO profile.

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    You ask lots of questions :) To begin with valid minimal LIDO record is very, very small and in most situations not terribly useful.

  • That's because I'm full of doubts :) Basically I wan't to start off on the right foot. Using the right metadata schemes seems an important question while using CA.
    LIDO mandatory elements are just a few. My background is on software engineering but LIDO specification seems pretty extensive. Don't you think so?

    If not LIDO, what else? SPECTRUM, VRA Core, CDWA-Lite, museumdat... all seems deprecated after LIDO.

  • I don't want to discourage you but quite often it turns out that one size does not fit all. That's why there are so many application profiles shipped with CA. When you start seriously working with LIDO you will also need a profile for your content. And besides LIDO was only conceived as data migration format and was not meant as a data model for databases. I don't think LIDO deprecates anything. In my opinion the closer you get to CIDOC the better but it's a long shot.

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