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Confusion regarding hierarchies

edited March 2019 in Troubleshooting

I'm a new user attempting to modify Dublin Core (using the User Interface) to catalog a library of a few thousand books and tens of thousands of files. Right now, I'm trying to set up a storage location hierarchy for the books. The hierarchy has buildings, rooms, bookcases, shelves. First, we tried organizing the hierarchy under lists and vocabularies, placing rooms under buildings, etc. (was that necessary? what does that do for us?). Then I tried adding a shelf location to an object as a related storage location. I see the relation in the object record and the shelf record, but I expected that I would also see the object in the upper level of the hierarchy. (If the book 1 is on shelf 1 of the north case, I see book 1 on that shelf, but I don't see book 1 in the north case or in the room.) Am I understanding this incorrectly? I'd appreciate any help you could give. Thank you.

I should add that I created the shelves by first creating the building, then creating the room as a child of the building, the bookcase as a child of the room, etc.


  • Where are you hoping to see the book as part of the full hierarchy, on the object record? If so you need to add a display template to the Storage Location relationship on the object user interface: ^

  • I was hoping to see the object in all upper levels of the hierarchy under Storage Locations, in the Contents screen under Related objects. Example: I have a hierarchy building➔room➔bookcase➔shelf. I go to the book record and add a shelf as a related storage location. When I find the shelf record and look at the contents screen, the book is there. But if I find the bookcase or room or building that the shelf is in and look at the contents page, the book is not there. I think I'm not understanding something basic here. Thanks in advance for help.

  • It sounds like there is a restriction set on the object relationship on your Contents screen. You can check under Manage > Administration > User interfaces . Your Storage Location user interface > Contents screen > Related Objects > (i) button for settings.

  • I don't believe I have any restrictions set (see below). Do I understand correctly that I should be able to see the contents of all shelves on a bookcase if I look at the contents of a bookcase?

  • If you've related objects to a bookcase (storage location) record you should see those objects via the Related Object bundle, yes.

  • Strictly speaking the answer to Marlene's last question is no, I think, the book will not show up in Related Objects for the bookcase, only for the shelf. The related objects area only shows objects directly in that location, not in the parent locations, which I agree is debatable in the context of a hierarchical scheme. Same issues arise for other attributes, it is a tricky area. See my questions and partial workarounds in the "Storage Location Tracking and Related objects" thread.

  • Thanks yelto! I misread the question. You are correct that the relationships bundle shows only direct relationships, not the parent. You could set up a display template that shows the hierarchical path above the direct link if you desire. Also it's possible to use the browse tool to retrieve everything related to records under a specific hierarchical level.

  • Thank you all for the help. The browsing solution works perfectly for our purposes. (Sorry for my delayed response - I've been away from this project for a while so it's taken me some time to get back to this.)

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