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I am working for a small museum and would like to use Collective Access for our modest collection. I have installed PHP, Apache, and MySQL already. In addition to creating a database. I also get a "It works" when I type "local host" in my url.

I downloaded Providence and make a copy of the setup.php document as instructed and made edits to personalized it to my organization's need. I am stuck on the following step: "In a web browser navigate to the web-based installer. If the URL for your installation server is then the URL to the installer is"

I honestly do not know what this means and when I click on the links provided, it simply takes me to a third source search engine that can't find anything. I am assuming this has to do with the setup.php and I forgot to fill something in.

If anyone could help me, I would be most appreciative.

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    If you have installed the program on a local machine (e.g a computer in your office), the url most likely will be: localhost/providence/install

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    Hello. Thank you so much for responding. I get an 404 error message when I do that. So, now I am simply assuming I miss a step while installing/connecting providence to my work computer/database. I will be reviewing my codes and see if I can find my error. If it's not too much trouble, here is my setup.php. If you, or anyone, can direct me towards my error, I will be grateful.

    The following settings allow CollectiveAccess to connect to its database.

    These settings should have been given to you by your system administrator or hosting provider.


    CA_DB_HOST = Database server host name (often 'localhost')

    if (!defined("CA_DB_HOST")) {
    define("CA_DB_HOST", 'localhost');

    CA_DB_USER = Database login user name

    if (!defined("CA_DB_USER")) {
    define("CA_DB_USER", 'bonitamuseum');

    CA_DB_PASSWORD = Database login password

    if (!defined("CA_DB_PASSWORD")) {
    define("CA_DB_PASSWORD", 'bonita');

    CA_DB_DATABASE = The name of your CollectiveAccess database

    if (!defined("CA_DB_DATABASE")) {
    define("CA_DB_DATABASE", 'collection');


    CA_APP_DISPLAY_NAME = the name of your system for display purposes


    This value will be used on emails, on the login screen, in window titles, etc.

    if (!defined("CA_APP_DISPLAY_NAME")) {
    define("CA_APP_DISPLAY_NAME", "collection");

  • CA_DB_USER, CA_DB_PASSWORD, CA_DB_DATABASE are set as custom values for your mysql database. Have you set up the mysql database?

  • Given the 404 Error, you might also want to check that Providence is installed in the server directory. Under Debian and Ubuntu systems, usually that's /var/www/html/ and for Arch it would be /srv/html/ iirc.

    What operating system are you using?

  • I have set up a database in mysql named "collection" and the user being "bonitamuseum."

    I think the OS is Window 10 Pro.

    I will double check with the Providence installation. I installed it in the local disk but given the "error," it's basically the wrong place.

  • When you downloaded CA, where did you put the application files? What directory did you place them in?

  • I placed the files in the computer's local disk. So, it's C:\providence.

  • Do you have WAMP installed on that computer to get the webserver running? If so, you will want to move the folder to C:\wamp\www\providence . I think XAMPP has a similar file structure.

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    it's been a while and want to inform everyone that I was able to connect providence. But, I do have a new issue.

    I went to line 139 to see the coding there, but I'm afraid it just flew over my head. Any advice?

  • You will need to change the database login information in your setup.php file to a valid login for the database you wish to use.

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