search video subclips (annotations)

I would like to be able to annotate a video with tags. ex.
00:01:00 to 00:01:30 tags: smiling, close-up
00:05:12 to 00:10:11 tags: walking, mountains, children

Then I would like to be able to search for a tag, and in the search results I should see all the sub/virtual clips having that tag (not the original video objects)
When I click on the subclip I should be able to see the original video object, and play the video from that point in time.

Would like to know if this can be done with CA, and whether it requires custom coding or not.
If not, what would be good workaround? For example, use a different application as a tagging interface, and then periodically batch import the data into CA with the subclips corresponding to searchable objects?


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