Browse.conf (Search form for objects by entity and relationship type)

I apologize but I can't understand the "Browse.conf" documentation well.
I have to create a new search form for objects, where it is possible to search by entity and type of relationship, for example all objects where there is a link with "Dante Alighieri" and the type of relationship is "author". So in the module I should be able to search not only for entities but also for a list of relationship types.
In my browse.conf I set up inside
ca_objects = {
facets = {

But when I configure the new search form, I don't have a chance
to select the type of relationship between entities and objects.
Any help?
Thanks so much.

We are on C.A. 1.7.8.


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    First, I think that you should remove the space characters after the underscore in "_ ("REL_PROVA")" and in "_ ("RELS_PROVA")".

    Second, you should try this:

    rel_entity_facet = {
    type = authority,
    table = ca_relationship_types,
    relative_to = ca_objects_x_entities,
    relationship_table = ca_objects_x_entities,
    group_mode = alphabetical,
    label_singular = _("REL_PROVA"),
    label_plural = _("RELS_PROVA")

    (I tested that in my CA and it works!)

  • Yes! it works!
    Really many many thanks

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