Documentation/examples for Places?

I was looking for examples how "Places" are used in practice. Unfortunately, I could not really find anything in the Wiki - and when I checked the demo installation of providence I saw that there Places seem to be disabled there completely :(

I'm particularly uncertain about how to use the "DC Coverage Authority"...

I'm be very grateful any hints, documentation or examples :D


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    Places can be used to reference buildings, rooms, amphitheatres, ways, campus...
    For example, I use them to describe places that have the name of a (localy) known people, related to physical entities and/or organizations. Places can be linked to objects, for example a telescope, a sculpture, an architectural element... Places can be linked to Occurrences such as exhibition, concert, laying the foundation stone, inauguration...
    Actually I have some issues with my Apache server, but if you are lucky, you can visit my site (in french): (menu "Parcourir" -> "Lieux")

  • Thanks darrigan!

    Yes, the way you describe the intention and usage of Places is exactly what I'm looking for :smile:
    Right now it seems I ain't lucky: Your site won't load :disappointed:

    btw: Issues with your Apache server?
    Maybe I can help! What's the matter? :smiley:

  • Try again, now, or later :D
    I think I have a caching problem... My system administrator is trying some changes.

  • Hi Peter,
    Now I think that my site is stable enough for you to visit. ;)
    It is in french, so try to install a translation plugin in your browser.

  • Thanks!

    Looks very nice! Would you mind telling me if (and how) you're using the DC Coverage field in your places?
    So far I see "title", "description" and relationships.

  • Hi Peter,

    DC Coverage is for the location in space and time.

    So for places (buildings, rooms, ways...) I use the "georeference" metadata (with the map).
    For example, here: : zoom in the map to see the geolocation of this building.

    And if one needs to add the dates of construction/demolition, the "lifespan" metadata could be used. (But I never used it for places...)

  • Thanks.

    The geolocation is pretty clear. I'm just trying to understand Places a bit beyond places that could have an exact coordinate. The intention is to use it for a historical research database where sometimes it's a country or region in a different time, so with different borders - or even referred places with unknown exactness, and so on...

    I'm surprised that there's no official documentation on Places.

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