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display alternate names of entity?

I'd like to modify [mytheme]/views/Details/ca_entities_default_html.php to list the Alternate Names of the entity

Here's my code which returns nothing although there are multiple alternate names for the entity:

{{{<ifcount code="ca_entities.nonpreferred_labels" min="1"><label>Alternate names:</label></ifcount>}}}
{{{<unit relativeTo="ca_entities.nonpreferred_labels"><l>^ca_entities.nonpreferred_labels.displayname</l><br/></unit>}}}

Can you correct my code or procedure? Maybe my field names are incorrect - where/how can I find these in my site??


  • edited September 11

    Sorry, see below...

  • Sorry - my mostly-working code didn't go through - trying again here:

    {{{<ifcount code="ca_entities.nonpreferred_labels" min="1"><label>Alternate names:</label></ifcount>}}}
    {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_entities.nonpreferred_labels">^displayname<br/></unit>}}}
  • So now my question again: How do I eliminate the semicolons in the output below??

    Alternate names:
    Ichiyōsai (go - 一陽斎)
    ; Kumaemon (nickname - 熊右衛門)
    ; Kumakichi (nickname - 熊吉)
    ; Kurahashi (original family name - 倉橋)

  • edited September 12

    Just set a delimiter on the using a delimiter attribute. Eg.

        {{{<ifcount code="ca_entities.nonpreferred_labels" min="1"><label>Alternate names:</label></ifcount>}}}
        {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_entities.nonpreferred_labels" delimiter="<br/>">^displayname</unit>}}}

    I've set this up on your system, so you can see it in action.

  • Of course! I need to learn to spell delimiter (not delimeter)!

    Thanks, Seth!

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