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Welcome to the CollectiveAccess support forum! Here the developers and community answer questions related to use of the software. Please include the following information in every new issue posted here:

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entitySplitter, attributes, and idno

I am trying to upload a spreadsheet of our new accessions and am having trouble with the entitySplitter. What I would like it to do is to match on an existing entity record or create a new one if an existing record does not exist. These are the parameters that I am using:

""relationshipType"": ""source"",
""entityType"": ""^11"",
""delimiter"": "";"",
""skipIfValue"": ""unknown"",
""attributes"": {
   ""idno"": ""2020.%"",
   ""address"": {
           ""address1"": ""^12"",
           ""address2"": ""^13"",
           ""city"": ""^14"",
           ""stateprovince"": ""^15"",
           ""postalcode"": ""^16"",
           ""country"": ""^17""

and in addition to the names or idnos not matching, family names are not parsing correctly and the telephone number and e-mail address are not being populated. I've verified that the field names are correct. I've also validated the JSON--for some reason the copy and paste added a second set of quotation marks here. Many thanks for any help that you can provide. I've attached a copy of my datasheet and the import script. We're on 1.7.9.


  • You should make sure whatever is in column 11 is a valid type.

  • Thanks, Seth. Yes, I have verified that the type codes are correct.

  • In what way are names not matching? Not at all?

  • I re-ran the ingest to test. My mistake: the entities are matching, just not on the idno that I have in the data sheet. For example, I created a test entity record for "Test family," and tried to have the ingest match to the idno of that entity record. Instead the ingest created a new entity record for just "family", and subsequent tests matched on that record, even though the idno for another record is in the data sheet.

  • And the "telephone" and "email address" attributes are not populating, either.

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