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Display template for relationship: Configure at central location?

I have a display template for an "object<>entity" relationship.

Currently I need to copy/paste this template text to every UI where this relationship element is used.
This also means that I need to administer/update/fix the same template in all these different locations...

Is there a way that I can define a display template for this type of relationship somewhere in a central location?

Thank you very much in advance! :smile:


  • edited October 13

    I think I've found it:
    In "conf/app.conf" around line #1471:

    # -----------------------------------
    # Default display templates for related bundles (Eg. ca_entities, ca_occurrences, etc.) ** in user interfaces **
    # -----------------------------------

    Works as expected!
    Case closed.

  • I couldn't make it work, could you share an example of what you did?
  • @mbutel:
    Sure! :smiley:

    Here's the whole block copied from my app/conf/app.conf:

    # -----------------------------------
    # Default display templates for related bundles (Eg. ca_entities, ca_occurrences, etc.) ** in user interfaces **
    # -----------------------------------
    ca_objects_default_editor_display_template = <ifdef code=''><l>^</l></ifdef>
    ca_entities_default_editor_display_template = <b>Name:</b><ifdef code='ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname'><l>^ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname</l></ifdef><br/><ifdef code="ca_objects_x_entities.cws_HasAgent.cws_Activity"> <b>Activity:</b> <unit delimiter="," aggregateUnique=1 sort="^ca_objects_x_entities.cws_HasAgent.cws_Activity"> ^ca_objects_x_entities.cws_HasAgent.cws_Activity </unit> <ifdef code="ca_objects_x_entities.cws_HasAgent.cws_Character"> <br/> <b>Character(s):</b> <unit delimiter="," aggregateUnique=1> ^ca_objects_x_entities.cws_HasAgent.cws_Character </unit> </ifdef> </ifdef> <br/>
    ca_places_default_editor_display_template = <l>^</l>
    ca_occurrences_default_editor_display_template = <l>^</l>
    ca_object_lots_default_editor_display_template = <l>^</l>
    ca_storage_locations_default_editor_display_template = <l>^</l>
    ca_loans_default_editor_display_template = <l>^</l>
    ca_movements_default_editor_display_template = <l>^</l>
    ca_list_items_default_editor_display_template = <l>^ca_list_items.preferred_labels.name_plural</l>
    ca_object_representations_default_editor_display_template = "Format: ^ca_object_representations.media_format<br/>
    Filesize: ^ca_object_representations.media_filesize<br/>
    <ifdef code='ca_object_representations.media_colorspace'>Colorspace: ^ca_object_representations.media_bitdepth ^ca_object_representations.media_colorspace<br/></ifdef>
    <ifdef code='ca_object_representations.original_filename'>File name: ^ca_object_representations.original_filename<br/></ifdef>
    <ifdef code='ca_object_representations.page_count'>Pages: ^ca_object_representations.page_count<br/></ifdef>
    Access: ^ca_object_representations.access<br/>
    Status: ^ca_object_representations.status<br/>"

    The only line I've modified is the one with "ca_entities_default_editor_display_template". The rest is CA's default (version git branch develop).

    Unfortunately this config requires everything to be in a single line, so I had to remove all linebreaks.
    I designed the display template in an external textfile (with linebreaks, for readability) - then copy/pasted it here - and removed the linebreaks.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you!
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