What would you like to see from CollectiveAccess 2.0?



  • Changing just the parent_id of a metadata element record is not enough and will cause you problems.

  • An option to delete a list AND all of its items

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    Draggable subelements in containers

  • The ability to accept curly quotes in searches in providence and pawtucket. I've people copying from outlook/word with copy quotes and not getting results.

  • The ability to add or update the watermark from the interface.

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    Abilty to combine sets.(nevermind)

  • @sarahs So you know how to combine sets? Intersection, union and difference are all supported.

  • Hi, is there any info about the 2.0 release? when it will be distributed?

  • We're still working on 1.8 I'm afraid. 2.0 isn't coming anytime in 2020.

  • A better way to display .pdfs. Hopefully there's progress on pdf.js https://collectiveaccess.org/support/index.php?p=/discussion/299938/viewing-pdfs-as-pdfs-not-as-images

    Thanks for this excellent software though!

  • PDF.js support is currently available in the develop branch on GitHub. It was implemented just a few weeks ago.

  • Thanks, looking forward to the next release.

  • Presettable measurement units

    When entering measurements, the unit of measurement must currently be entered manually for all three dimensions (length, width, height). This is extremely cumbersome. E.g. in our institution, everything is basically entered in "cm" and my colleagues absolutely not appreciate that this cannot be preset.

    We will therefore try a self-made solution based on 3 numeric metadata elements instead of length elements, followed by 1 drop-down field for the unit (with default "cm"). I'm just afraid we will lose some functionality this way, e.g. regarding automatic unit conversions.

    So it would be much better if the unit of measurement could (optionally) be preset, so that it is automatically completed if only a number is entered without a unit. Ideally, it should then be possible to specify whether different units of measurement that are entered (e.g. mm) should be kept or automatically converted to the default unit.

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    As a developer/administrator, I'd like to see the following:

    • Drop support for PHP5 -- it's old, insecure, and a pain to maintain. Support PHP 7.4+ only (and allow PHP8).
    • Refactor the program to use namespaces instead of includes. This can be a gradual process.
    • Use the Symfony framework, then leverage it -- routing, security, Twig to render files, serialization, message queues, console, etc.

    I don't see a 2.0 tag or branch on github, what's the best place to find the development version of 2.0? Is there a developer forum? Perhaps I can jump and and contribute code for some of these.


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    Thanks for your input Tac. There is no 2.0 version as of yet.

  • I should also add that there is no developer forum currently, although we can create one if there is demand. We use Slack internally and can use that... or something else.

  • In working with entities more lately, a view with a visual representation of relationships between entities would be helpful. A basic tree or some kind of connection web maybe? The related entity relationships are great for showing a degree of separation and seem to be fine for businesses, but if we're looking at multiple generations of a family and cousins/aunts/uncles it gets harder to see the bigger picture.

    Separately, for person/individual entities the two sides of the relationships (parent>child) works well. However, if you have a family and add the parents to each offspring the system doesn't link the offspring as siblings. That relationship needs to be added separately (assuming the install has these labels set up). I can certainly see why it works this way and may need more resources to implement, but a thought.


  • Will CA enhance its microservice feature for using Mobile app to access?

    I would like to know if CA can create an mobile app with simple cataloging features to let me create record catalogues directly, search and browse record and print catalogue, will this feature include in next release?


  • I would like to see the ability to create hotspots on a media representation and link them to entities, annotations, etc. Often merely applying an index value to an image does not make a clear reference, since there can be multiple figures or points of reference. The addition of this as a GUI function would be an excellent solve for the problem.


  • You can do this already.

  • Astonishing to hear that. I haven't seen anything like that in the documentation I've read.

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