Which "prepopulate.conf" is which?

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There are 2 "prepopulate.conf" files:

1. app/conf/prepopulate.conf

2. app/plugins/prepopulate/conf/prepopulate.conf

In the [Documentation](https://docs.collectiveaccess.org/wiki/Prepopulate) only the 2nd one is mentioned. Which one is to be used, and why are there 2?

Thanks in advance :)


  • Either of them work. The app/conf one will override the plugin one, which is there for compatibility with older installations. You should use the app/conf one.

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    I've tried that, and it seems that the one in app/plugins/prepopulate/conf is used, and if I put the same config in app/conf it's ignored.

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    Yes. Or delete it if you want.

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