Idno transfer to child record


I wanted to know how to transfer the idno from a main collection record to a child collection record.

I mean, when a child record is created (Fund -> Section, for example) I would like that the fund idno appears already loaded in section, to complete with the corresponding sequence.

Thanks in advance!


  • Have you set up a numbering policy in the multipart_id_numbering.conf file? If so, what does it look like?

  • Thank you for your answer, I was finally able to solve it on my own.

    Now I'm having another problem that maybe you can help me with. The daterange element doesn't allow me to write terms that indicate a range, neither in spanish or english.

    Also, the calendar only allows me to select one date

    The only thing that it allows me to do is to put two years divided by a -, like 1970 - 1980

    Thanks in advance!

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