Globally disable hierarchy browser for Related Places?

By default, "related places" has a hierarchy browser interface, but that doesn't allow quick-add of not-yet-existing places.

Is it possible somehow to switch the default from hierarchy-browser to the regular input field (with quick-add)? Going through all UI screens separately to uncheck the checkbox is doable, but...

Thank you very much in advance.


  • There is no global setting for this. It's set the level of UI placements. There should not be that many instances to set in a typical UI. As usual, if being able to set this globally is important to you we can add it. It's not a complex addition to implement.

  • Thanks for you answer!

    It's just a bit odd that it's super easy, clean and consistent to modify properties of regular metadata elements in one place - but when it comes to intrinsic bundles, it's always tedious and very time consuming to click-load-wait-click-load-wait-click-load-wait-save-repeat...

    So thanks for the patch offer, but I think what would be better is a way to declare the default properties of all intrinsic bundles in a central place - and I guess that's out of scope.

  • For example, if the default settings would be stored in the database (like for regular MD-elements), they could centrally be changed there. No need to have extra config files. Would something like that be possible?

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