Attempting to Install on Ubuntu

Included in this post is a WordDoc that outlines every step I have taken so far through the Terminal on Ubuntu.

I am going to use this sheet to install CA on multiple computers through Zoom - which I have successfully done on my own Mac Terminal, but now I cannot make it function on the Linux terminal...

I apologize for including every step I have done - but I cannot figure out what I have done wrong.

Any help or suggestions provided would be extremely appreciated.


  • Where do the problem occur in this sequence?

  • I don't see any problem. I just get the 404 window when going to or http://localhost:8080/ca . (The second hyperlink - the localhost - is what works through my mac terminal.)

  • That's what I need. I'll go through and see what the snag is. We need to add a full Linux install tutorial anyway, so this is good motivation to actually do that.

  • Thank you for your help! I hope that I can have a great step-by-step document to share by the end of this

  • There are revised instructions for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS at Please give them a try and let me know how they work for you. I used them on a new 20.04 LTS system and it worked ok for me.



  • Errors/suggestions in the link

     sudo apt install -y apache   ( should be sudo apt install -y apache2)

    If unsure of your server’s IP address, the hostname -I command will return it. (special case if no NAT, my server is hosted elsewhere and I need the public IP)

    Don't know that it matters, but php.ini file uses upper case M rather than lower case m in specifying limits.

    More later.....

  • That's a very good point about NAT. I'll add some text about that. And thanks for the note about the Apache2 package name. The "M" vs "m" issue not a problem. It'll work either way. I'll update the docs.

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