Relationships: dropdown position of Type suggests reading in reverse order?

Maybe it's just me, but since the Relationship Type term dropdown is shown *after* the related entry, it seems to reverse the perceived reading order...

For example:

The [documentation]( correctly states that the directions of the terms shall be phrased to be (theoretically) used as a sentence. The example mentions the following for entity/place relationships:

* forward: "Person *was born at* Place".

* reverse: "Place *was birthplace of* Person".

If I configure CA like that, it reads:

* From point of view of the entity: "Someplace *was born at*"

* From point of view of the place: "Person *was place of birth*"

If I (incorrectly) reverse the direction of the terms, it seems to read better:

* From point of view of the entity: "Someplace *was place of birth*"

* From point of view of the place: "Person *was born at*"

Sorry, but after hearing the same confusion/question several times now from different users about this I thought I'd mention it.


  • You can set it to be on the left if you want. In app.conf there's a setting for <table>_lookup_relationship_type_position that defaults to "right". You can set it to "left" or "none". Eg.

    ca_entities_lookup_relationship_type_position = left

    I think this is what you're looking for?

  • Ooooh! O.O

    Will try that ASAP. Thanks!

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