Related Places: "sort using" dropdown visually out of bounds

The "sort using" dropdown list is horizontally "out of bounds" (see screenshot).

I suppose this is not intended?


  • Do you have a really long field name configured for your place records? What does the drop down contain when you click on it?

  • I'm guessing it's a very long field name in your profile doing this. Width is now constrained:

  • @seth:

    You're right. It is a very long string causing this.

    ...but it seems like this was caused by some code, not by a human (see screenshot).

  • That's probably in your profile somewhere.

  • Interesting. Any ideas how it could have gotten there?

    It seems like there's configuration array "exploded" into this string, but since we didn't do any database or code hacks, this must have happened during normal usage/configuration.

    That item is a metadata element assigned to all relationships we use - but I'm puzzled as to why does the string show to which relationships it is assigned to?

  • No idea. I've never seen this one before. I'd look in your configuration and see if there's something embedded where it shouldn't be.

  • Hm.

    I'm pretty sure it came from assigning this MD-Element to interstitial records. Maybe that's not too common?

  • Maybe. You cannot have relationship bundles in an interstitial. Relationships on relationships are not supported. You can use place-type metadata elements in interstitials if you need to reference a place record in that context.

    The configuration UI will not offer to add relationship bundles to interstitials. I guess you set this in your profile, and the install did something unintended.

  • I never assigned Relationships as interstitial.

    Just the "TemporalScope" MD-Element. And that's the one that seems to create the über-long string ;)

  • Ok good. Then looks at the configuration for that element. Something is wrong there.

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