Date turns into date-range

I've created a DateRange MD-element, which for some reason turns a fixed date (e.g. 1979-01-01) into a fuzzy date range: 1970/1970-01-01.

I'm not aware of any option that I could have misconfigured...

I've attached a screenshot of the morphed date, and the settings of its MD-element.

Thanks for any help!


  • I've also noticed that if I input "2001-01-01/2002" it changes it to "2001/2002".

    But I also clearly remember that I was already able to save such a date range before...

  • The 1970/1970-01-01 result is a display bug specific to ISO dates. It's seeing the start of the interval as start of year, but the end as start of day. There's a fix for this (+ new tests) in GitHub/develop.

    "2001-01-01/2002" normalizes to 2001/2002. Eg. start of 2001 (which is 1/1/2001) to end of 2002. You are in fact saving the same value, but unless you set dates to display "as entered" it'll normalize them.

    Thanks for pointing out the ISO display bug.

  • Thanks for the infos and also for spotting the bug!

  • @seth: My colleague just entered "2015 - 2020" and it got turned into "2015/2020". Any idea why that happened? (The regular daterange separator displayed is "-" on that installation)

  • It's an ISO date range. I guess you have ISO format dates displaying in whatever context it's happening in.

  • @seth: you were right! Sorry.

    I didn't notice that 2 datarange MD-elements had different date output format options set (one was "System default", the other was "ISO8601".

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