Basic info and other screens not displayed in object editor


I have only just started learning the programme and am afraid, I might already have made a crucial mistake, sorry if it was a silly one:

I have created some screens for the standard object editor and I might accidentally have changed 'Basic Info' in a way that it has disappeared from the list of screens I get when I click on an object to edit it. Other screens I created unfortunately are not displayed either, so crucial fields like 'physical description' currently seem to be editable via spreadsheet.

How can I restore the 'Basic Info' and/or get my custom screens displayed?

Many Thanks


  • Is the Basic Info screen in the Object editor interface?

    Is there a type restriction that is excluding it from the object type? In your screenshot it is showing "dress" as the object type.

  • Hi Jeff,

    thanks for the quick reply. I looked at the type restrictions and removed them, but that did not help. I think I somehow messed something up with the Basic Info screen as I was trying out customisations. I'll attach some screenshots of the object editor interface and the basic info screen.

    Many thanks


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  • I would best you set type restrictions. Make sure nothing is selected in that list.

  • Hi Seth, thanks for looking at this. I have deleted all type restrictions but I'm afraid it still has not changed. Basic Info and my custom screens just won't show up when I try to edit an item. Otherwise all works fine and I can see that the information is all there in my displays.

  • Can you check your user preferences? What user interface do you have set to use for objects?

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    Solved. For some reason I had changed the role access to 'can edit', I changed it back to 'no access set'. I'll have to look into your manual to understand the role access options. Many thanks for your help!

  • Ah, that was my next guess ;-)

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