mandatory metadata


I'm having some troubles with the mandatory metadata. How can I control that aspect?

What I need is that the system doesn't allow to save changes in the screen unless the mandatory fields are completed. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!


  • Yes it's possible. In Providence go to Manage -> Administration -> Metadata Elements. From there, select the edit button beside the field you want to make required. The rest will depend on what type of field it is, but most have a checkbox labeled "Require value" or "Must not be blank" that you can tick to make it mandatory. If it's a text field you can set a minimum number of characters so that no one can save changes without adding anything to that field.

  • I have a followup question to this:

    Every object in my database must have a related lot so that there can't be any objects without an accession record. The settings for the "Related lots" are different than regular metadata elements. Is there a way to require a lot before the record can be saved?

  • I don't know if this would apply to you, but I was making a new screen for objects (objects ui) and I was able to have all of the elements, including related lots, show up. So I imagine you could either add related lots to that main page under Administration>Object Editor UI>Main Info (or whatever the main page is called) and then ensure that the element is required via the guidance above. If the element doesn't show up, then you could make a new screen and just copy all the elements that were on the main screen along with the Related Lots. In fact, now that I think about it, I actually for sure have the Related Lots on my new editor objects ui screen, so I can pretty much guarantee this would be an option.

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