Could not connect to database... Issue for new install


This is my first time working w/ CA and I've hit a snag on installation. I am working in a Digital Ocean Droplet running: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64. I thought I followed the install instructions very thoroughly but alas, am getting the error below. I've double checked my setup.php file a few times. restarted both Mysql and Apache as well...

I could use some guidance on how to trouble shoot.




  • It kind of looks like you are not executing the php code. Maybe short_open_tag is set off in php.ini? or a permission issue?


  • Just for the sake of completeness. It turns out my issue was that PHP wasnt set up correctly. Not exactly sure how that happened so I spun up a new instance and made sure PHP was running before installing CA and modifying the php.ini file... so thanks!

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