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edited 11:35AM in Feedback
Is there a plan for any sort of tracking feature within CollectiveAccess (or integration with Google Analytics)?
We'll be switching over once version 1.1 is out.


  • On the front and back-ends logins and searches are logged in some detail, although we don't do a very good job of giving you access to that data at the moment. (You can query them in "Manage" > "Logs" by date range, but that's about it.) The front-end also logs "item views" – every time a user clicks on an item to get more information. The information is used to generate the "Most viewed" list.

    We don't have any concrete plans to improve analytics at the moment, but it's something we'd like to do in the not-so-distant future. If you have any suggestions please share them!

  • I just wanted to update this posting so others can see - adding Google Analytics tracking to CA is actually quite easy. You won't see search logs in GA, but the more standard types of things (unique visits, browsers used, referrals, page views, etc.) all work. To do so, just set up your GA account like normal, then find the pageFormat/pageFooter.php file in your themes file, and just paste the code. You could probably put it in pageFormat/pageHeader.php if you prefer.
    (Don't ask why I didn't think of this immediately. Duh, follow the normal directions! Obviously this requires re-adding the code when updated CA releases are applied, but that's fairly trivial if it's on a list of things to update.)
  • One of the users on this forum, Gautier, has developed a GA plugin for Pawtucket. If he ever finishes it we'll integrate it into the standard software.
  • I just checked, the plugin is in the Pawtucket zip : have a look in app/plugins/GoogleAnalytics.
    To setup, just open conf/GoogleAnalytics.conf, set "enabled" to 1 and account to your GA account number.
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