About CollectiveAccess

CollectiveAccess is open-source collections management and presentation software designed for museums, archives, and special collections. As it is highly flexible and easily customized, it is also increasingly used by libraries, non-profits, private collectors, artist studios, performing arts organizations and other groups around the world. At its core, CollectiveAccess is a relational database that enables complex cataloging, powerful searching and browsing and nuanced web-based collection discovery.

CollectiveAccess is a collaboration between Whirl-i-Gig, a New York-based development team, and partner institutions in North America and Europe with projects in 5 continents.

Project Team

Talya Cooper, Consultant

Seth Kaufman, Developer

Catherine Lillie, Project Manager

Selina Mangaroo, Intern

Maria Passarotti, Developer

Eve Perry, Consultant

Lauren Sorensen, Consultant

Julia Weist, Consultant


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+1 510 962 5640 (-5 hours GMT)


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Technical Questions: please post to our support forum so that everyone can benefit

Technical Documentation: find answers on the project wiki

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Thanks to:

Blackfire For providing us with free access to their excellent PHP application profiling service.