CollectiveAccess is software for describing all manner of things.
Create catalogues that closely conform to your needs without custom programming.
CollectiveAccess is free, open-source software for cataloguing and publishing museum and archival collections.
Used by hundreds of institutions, from national museums to local history consortia, highly specialized archives, catalogues raisonnés and more, this wide variety of use cases has created a robust set of customizable features.
Providence Cataloguing Software
  • Accessible anywhere via web browser
  • Pre-configured with popular metadata standards
  • Customizable fields, views, workflows, and more
  • Quickly creates PDFs and spreadsheet reports
  • Supports batch importing, exporting, and cataloguing
Pawtucket2 Web Publishing Software
  • Easily style to fit your brand's look and feel
  • Browse with customizable facets and filters
  • Switch on/off public commenting, tagging, and rating
  • Display content via maps, timelines, and visualizations
  • Multiple options for media display and interaction
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Kress Digital Archive
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
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Vancouver Maritime Museum, Vancouver, BC
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BAM Archive Online
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY
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CollectiveAccess version 1.7 is composed of a core cataloguing and data management application called Providence and an optional public web-access application called Pawtucket2.

Visit the project manual for installation instructions or read more about the packages and download.
New release!
June 25, 2022
CollectiveAccess 1.7.16 released!
Versions 1.7.16 of Providence and Pawtucket have been released. Version 1.7.16 is a maintenance release with bug fixes. Learn more about it here.
New release!
June 19, 2022
CollectiveAccess 1.7.15 released!
Versions 1.7.15 of Providence and Pawtucket have been released. Version 1.7.15 is a maintenance release with bug fixes. Learn more about it here.
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CollectiveAccess is open-source software, maintained by the staff at Whirl-i-Gig and contributed to by the open-source community. A variety of free resources are available to get you started, including documentation, an online support forum, a live support chat and a demonstration sandbox. The latest application code is always available on the project GitHub repository. If you require custom development, hosting or other services please contact us.